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Christian george


Are yellow eyes a sign of alcoholism?

I noticed that my eyes appear yellow. But most of people appear white. What does it mean? Is it a sign of alcoholism?
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  • Sara


    When you noticed that your eyes appear yellow, there must be some problems for your eyes. You should go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes. It may mean that you have the macular degeneration which could cause your eyes to be yellow. It is also a sign of alcoholism. When you drink a lot, the stimulating irritates may cause your eyes to be yellow. Or there may be the problems for your liver. The above problems all can cause your eyes show the white color, instead of the yellow color. Thus, you'd better go to see the doctor first and know exactly what the real problem for you. Then you may treat it clearly.
  • b3a2b3y


    According to your description, I can see that there must be something wrong with your eyes. I mean, you are an alcoholic right? So, indeed yellow spots in the eyes could be resulted from a lot of problems, maybe one of them is alcoholism. I mean, you should also try to drink less even if there are no yellow spots. Anyway, if you do not want to regret when bad things happen, you should pay more attention to your health.

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