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How to choose the best lenses for your glasses?

I tried to order glasses online,but I was a little confused about lenses, there are different types of lenses and some packages that I do not even understand.
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  • betty


    Depending on the type of lenses and lens treatments you choose and the lens design you need.When buying eyeglasses lenses, there is no substitute for expert advice. Buying eyeglass lenses can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The key is getting accurate, unbiased eyeglass lens information from sources you can trust. For greatest satisfaction with your eyewear, in addition to using this guide, follow this advice echoed by Consumer Reports: During your eye exam, ask your eye doctor which eyeglass lenses and lens treatments are best for your specific needs and eyeglass prescription.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    Durable Air Lenses (1.59 Index) Doctor recommended prescription range: -3 to +3 Approx. 20% thinner than standard 1.5 plastic lenses Thin Air Lenses (1.61 Index) Doctor recommended prescription range: -4 to +4 Approx. 25% thinner than standard 1.5 plastic lenses Ultra Thin Air Lenses (1.67 Index) Doctor recommended prescription range: -4 to -12 and +4 to +6 Approx. 40% thinner than standard 1.5 plastic lenses For more information on what lenses or coatings to choose, read this site
  • NANA


    It depends on the lens power and the larger your spec frame, the thicker your corrective lens will be. Happily we can now use a range of high refractive index lens materials and smarter optical design to significantly reduce the thickness and weight of your spectacle lenses over basic lenses. This is especially good news for people who need high prescriptions and/ or wear their glasses all day and are weight sensitive due to sinusitis or broken noses. Double sided Anti-reflection coatings combined with Scratch Resistant coatings protect the lens surface, improve night vision clarity and allow your spec frame to appear optically empty. Your eyes can be seen clearly behind your lenses. With these lens coatings and thinner lens technologies you'll look your best in specs.If you are a Progressive lens wearer, you will see your stand alone computer screen more comfortably if you lower your screen 20cm below eye level when you are seated at your desk. The most comfortable viewing experience for screen and office work for Progressive lens wearers is to use an extended near focus lens such as Hoya's Desk lens series. Great relief for aching neck syndrome.