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Christian george


Does anynow know how to warm compress on eye?

I heard that warm compress are good for my eyes. Can you tell me how warm compress work on my eyes?
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  • b1ggy_13


    If your eyes are dryness, or irritation, warm compresses are useful for temporarily relieving these discomfort. First, wash hands and find a soft washcloth. Then, press the washcloth gently against your eyes. Every 10 seconds, you should resubmerge the washcloth to keep warm. Finally, repeating the warm compress to your eyes for 20 times.
  • duncan


    Looks like you care a lot about your eyes and just want to improve your eye health. So, yes of course, by applying warm compress, our eyes could be benefited and improved, because warm water and air could quicken the blood circulation of our eyes and improve the conditions. And by doing this, our vision and some eye fatigue and eye strain could no longer be a problem. Hope you can have a try.
  • Kaylee


    Yeah, the warm compress is good for the eyes. It can make the eye blood circulation work quickly which can to some degree make the symptom like black circles under the eyes get release. It can also make your eyes feel comfortable through the eye nerves. In a word, the warm compress can work on the eyes perfectly.

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