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Shelby owen


how do I prevent my swimming goggles from fogging up?

Whenever I swim with my goggles, they will fog up.Can you tell me how I can prevent my swimming goggles from fogging up?
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  • Miranda george


    Before you wear your swimming goggles, you should dip your goggles under the water and let them stay for 10-20 seconds, which will prevent your goggles from fogging up immedately.You can try using baby shampoo inside your goggles and rinse them off.It works well.
  • Arianna walker


    Use an anti-fog spray or put anti-fog coatings on the lenses of your swim goggles.
  • come__tomorrow


    You can apply toothpaste with a soft cloth and then rub around the inside of the goggles with the cloth.Finally rinse it off and then you can wear your swimming goggles.