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How to wear an eyepatch with glasses?

I just want to know how to wear an eyepatch with glasses. Will that be difficult?
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  • Gina


    I don't understand the answers that any of these people are giving - clearly they don't know facts. You can absolutely wear glasses with an eye patch, children do it all of the time. They even make eye patches that easily go over the side of the glasses that would normally be patched. There are many other more important reason to wear a patch other then "sleeping". My daughter is 2 and has "lazy eye". she has to wear a patch over her right eye (the good eye) to strengthen the weak eye. She also has to wear her glasses because the "weak eye" still needs the strength of the prescription to help her eye correct. It is not impossible to wear glasses with a patch and it's crazy that someone has "never heard of someone wearing glasses with a patch". I feel like if you don't know the accurate answers to the questions, then maybe you should just not answer at all. It is not helpful to anyone!
  • colddaz


    Ok, you should know that an eye patch is designed to help us with our sleep, it is clear that you are not going to wear eye patch with a pair of glasses on your head, that is basically impossible. Maybe you have some misunderstanding of an eye patch, with them, our sleeping journey would not be distracted. Just get some nice eye patch and take nice and sound rest.
  • crystal_jade13


    No, it will not be so difficult. You could just wear the glasses first. Then you could wear an eye patch on it to adjust the place of it to let it suitable for the glasses. You could have a try. During the process, you should not use too much strength which could make you wear an eye patch in a mistaken way.
  • Alexandria


    Well, it would be better for you to wear contact lenses when you want to wear an eye patch. However, it is also possible for you to wear an eyepatch with glasses. You need to wear the eyepatch first. Adjust it to the best position and fastened it tight to your head. After that, just wear your glasses as usual.
  • Victor


    It's the first time I hear somebody wants to wear eye patch and glasses at same time. It would seem so queer. But if you insist, you can wear eye patch first.
  • connie


    spell the word anser properly. typo or mot, it still looks bad