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Is there any cure for a lazy eye?

I have got a lazy eye since I was born. And this really bothers me a lot in my daily life. I am wondering if my lazy eye can be cured.
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  • Nathan


    So sorry to hear that. Anyway, it is quite complicated sometimes, the main cause of the problem is refractive error, which could seriously affect the way your eyes look, and amblyopia, both of them ,and a lack of vitamins, could lead to lazy eye. Just try to tackle these problems through a medical way. Hope you recover as soon as possible. And for sure, it is treatable.
  • cheergirl024


    A lot of people get lazy eyes when they are born because of genetic genes. If you want to cure it, you'd better take the surgery to cure the lazy eyes. There are a lot of perfect hospitals now. If you want to choose to take the surgery, you could choose the reputable hospital. Now this surgery is safe and effective which you could take into consideration.
  • Savannah taylor


    Lazy eye is an eye disorder characterized by an impaired vision in an eye. Nearsighted, astigmatism, and blurry vision are all causes of lazy eye. Lazy eye can be cured by eyeglasses. The theory of healing lazy eye is to force the brain to use the "bad" eye. So commonly way to cure it is put a patch on the "good" eye and it is so important for your child to wear the patch diligently because this will eventually improve vision.