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What foods help prevent macular degeneration?

Is there any food that can help prevent macular degeneration? If so, can you give me some suggestions?
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  • cauliflowerbat


    The region of macula lutea is the core of the retina and is the place where photoreceptor cell gathers to make us see things clearly. The lutein is an important component of the macula lutea area and it is more of an antioxidant material which has an effect of absorbing radiation and resisting the free radical, avoiding the oxidation of eyes. But the lutein cannot be synthesized by itself in the human body, therefore we can intake lutein from our diets to prevent macular degeneration. Foods rich of lutein include spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, mustard, blueberry, mulberry, grape pip, marigold, etc.
  • walentynka


    Well, in my opinion, to prevent the macular degeneration, you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil. Also, vitamin d can be good for eyes. You should know that it can help prevent early age-related macular degeneration. Boosting vitamin D intake could help to prevent age-related diseases, in particular loss of vision and blindness. Also, Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation has played a big part in macular degeneration. It will do a good job to macular degeneration. Besides, Lutein is a good way to protect your eyes, especially for some people who have macular degeneration problem. Also, you can just have a try.
  • Neil


    There are many foods that can help you prevent macular degeneration, such as the fruit of wolfberry, eggs, dates and porker liver which bright your eye sight. Once you get the macular degeneration, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment. You should take great care of your eyes.