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Alexander green


What are some good ways to make my sunglasses look new?

I just bought my sunglasses for several months but they look quite old now.
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  • Jonathan tuener


    To make your sunglasses look new, you should take good care of them. First, always keep your sunglasses clean so that you should clean them every day. Second, when you don't use your sunglasses, you should place them in the sunglasses case. Otherwise it is easy to get scratched and bent if you put them in other places, which may make your sunglasses look old. When cleaning your sunglasses, make sure the cleaner is suitable for your sunglasses.
  • emale2222


    To make your sunglasses look new, you shall regularly clean the sunglasses so as to keep them always clear and bright. Now, are you sunglasses look dirty or worn out? If so, It is time to clean your sunglasses completely include sunglasses lenses and frames. Just rinse and clean your sunglasses in warm water, you can also use mild soap water to clean the sunglasses if necessary.
  • Mii


    Your sunglass was bought just several months ago, so there is no problem that you can make it look new again if you take good care of them. In the first place, you should avoid putting it in your bag randomly, for it may be scratched. The sunglass should be put in its own case with a piece of cloth around it. Then, you should attach great importance to its cleaning. You can choose some certain kind of cleaner that suits your sunglass and clean it once a week. At last, you’d better be more careful when using it. Try not to break them carelessly or touch the lens with your fingers.