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How to separate two glasses stuck together?

My 2 pairs glasses are stuck together, how can I get them apart without breaking them?
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  • Denise


    I don't know how your two pairs of glasses are stuck togeher.. So, i can't tell how to separate it. I think you need more patient. If you still can't separate it, you can take them to optical store and ask advices from optician. If it doesn't work, you have to give off the eyeglasses and buy another on instead.
  • walkingthepaths


    I am wondering how do the two glasses stuck together. I've never seen two glasses have been stuck together. I think you may refer to two glasses bottle. In this case, you can soak the two glasses into the hot water and then they can break a part easily. Or you can put them in your refrigeratory and then they can get apart easily. Hope this helps you. Good luck!