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What can cause a corneal abrasion?

Can you tell me what can cause a corneal abrasion? Is there any good way to cure it?
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  • Catherine


    Corneal abrasion can caused by the following problems: 1. Something gets into your eye, such as a dried leaf particle, cigarette ash; 2. eye infections also can cause the injury of corneal 3. Wearing contact lenses for a long period of time also can cause corneal abrasion. 4. Extremely strong light can cause changes in the corneal surface. See a doctor if there is pain or vision change of your eye when you get corneal abrasion for treatment.
  • Aaron may


    Well, generally speaking, corneal abrasion is kind of serious situation that you should pay more attention to it. According to some experts, corneal abrasion is caused by infection, in most cases. So I have to say there are some related factors which can lead to corneal abrasion. For example, if you have some bacteria in your eyes, leading to eye infection, it can finally lead to corneal abrasion. Also, wearing too much contact lens is also the causes. So just be careful about it. For your situation, you can just wear the eye patch. By wearing an eye patch, it will have a speedy recovery for your eyes. anyway, if you have some problems, just see your doctors.
  • Michael?griffin


    One main cause of corneal abrasion is there is a corneal injury, which means a foreign object, like a piece of wood or sand, gets into your eye. And it is easy to cause that when you are doing sports. Or if you rubbing your eyes vigorously, especially when you feel something is caught in your eye. Additionally, certain eye conditions, like eye infection can cause corneal abrasion as well. In order to treat it, you had better use antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection and ease pain. At the same time, you can wear eye patch to avoid any foreign object enter your eyes.

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