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Can uveitis go away on its own?

I suffered from uveitis. How can i treat it? If i let it untreated. Will it go away its own?
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  • evilbunny1369


    Well, in my opinion, in some cases, it will just go away by itself. First, you need to know that uveitis is inflammation of the 'uvea' of the eye. For the causes, it should be some ones. Generally speaking, autoimmune disorders, infections and trauma can be the most common ones. And for some people, when uveitis occurs, some symptoms will be possible too. And according to some researches, dizzy eyes can be the common symptoms of it. Also blurred vision can occur too. And if your situation is not so serious, uveitis can just go away, and you do not need to have any treatments. But on the other hand, when you feel uncomfortable, you can just use some eye drop to reduce inflammation. Also, an anti-infective medication such as antibiotic, antiviral, or antifungal are recommended by doctor to treat uveitis. So you can just have a try.
  • Jordyn carter


    It is so bad for you to get uveitis. Uveitis refers to inflammation of the iris ciliary body choroid. Iris and ciliary body blood supply with iris big ring, so they often inflammation at the same time. It is always called iridocyclitis if choroid inflammation is got at the same time. Uveitis is a kind of multiple in eye disease in young adults. It is phyletic and various. The etiology is very complex. The improper treatment can lead to blindness, occupying an important position in the blinding eye disease. It has attracted worldwide attention because of its incidence and recurrence which is not yet entirely clear. People with uveitis need the medical treatment like the medicine with anti-inflammation to make their eyes feel comfortable. They will not go away on its own. They should be treated through the medical care. People with uveitis should not eat the spicy food which will stimulate their eyes. They'd better have the good rest every day.