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Can photophobia go away?

Does photophobia go away as time goes by? Or any treatment can cure it?
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  • Brooke peters


    If the photophobia is temporary because of some reasons, you could just let it go away as time goes by. When your eyes have the sun coming or encounter glare, the eyes will be afraid of light and feel not comfortable. The normal reaction will be small eyes narrowed or use other items to help isolate the illuminate of sunshine in order to reduce the phenomenon of eyes discomfort. But some people in ordinary photometric next will feel discomfort. If people who have photophobia are born to be, they will have to go through the surgery to help them cure the photophobia. You could just go to use the eyes drops to release your photophobia which will be useful and workable.
  • Jackson raphael


    Well, generally speaking, photophobia can go away by itself. And at that moment, you do not need to worry about it. But on the other hand, it also can be dangerous to have it. First, you should know that photophobia is eye discomfort in bright light. When you go outside with photophobia, it can just make your sight become confused. For the causes, burns to the eyes or corneal abrasion and even some medicines can also lead to it. To treat it, you can just eat certain foods such as Chinese wolfberries. Also, carotene from carrots and vitamin A can be useful too. By the way, you can just wear eye patch which can just protect your eyes from the irritants. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • chained_destiny


    It depends on what causes your photophobia. For example, some people may get photophobia while taking medication. As soon as you stop the medication, the condition will go away. There are many conditions can cause light sensitivity. Such as eye infection, headache and migraine. Eyes diseases are the most common cause of photophobia. So first you need to determine the cause then seek treatment. Try to find out the triggering factors and then remove them. You can also wear sunglasses and special contact lenses to ease the discomfort.

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