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Is reading on the bus bad for your eyes?

I feel boring when taking a bus and i often read books to kill time. Does reading on a a bus harm my eye health?
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  • Angela


    Yes, generally speaking, when you have reading the bus which is moving forward, it will do harm to your eyes. Of course, if you just have this case for one time, it does not matter. But you also should know why they are harmful. When you have reading in the bus which is moving, it will become harder for your eyes to focus on the point. So you have to focus on the point in a tough way. In a long time, it can lead to eye strain. Then that can also cause pink eyes, or dry eyes. So anyway, you are not supposed to read book in a moving bus. Besides, you should also pay attention to the position you have reading. It can play an important role in the eyesight.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    Yes. It is really a bad idea to read book on bus. It will hurt your eyes for long run. You know, the light on the bus usually are not bright enough for reading. Besides, usually it is shaking on the bus. So, you can not focus as good as you do in your house. It will make your eyes tired easily. You'd better not read on bus for your eye healthy sake.
  • Luke oliver


    Yes, reading on bus is bad for your eyes. With the moving of the bus, you will follow to move. And your eyes will not focus on the words in the books which may affect your eye sight. If you do this often, you may get short sighted. Or your original prescription may be increased. You’d better not do this.

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