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Sue Livingston


Are sticky eyes contagious?

I feel my eyes are very sticky. Are they contagious? Or what cause that? Is there anything i can do ?
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  • Josh


    It depends on what type of sticky eyes you are. There are sticky eyes that are considered as contagious. But there are also subtypes sticky eyes that not contagious. And if they are contagious, they can transmit by air, cough, fecal-oral route, surfaces, blood, needles, blood transfusions etc. If you have a serious sticky eyes, just see a doctor rather than ask people online.
  • greg t


    Yes, sticky eyes are contagious. That your eyes are very sticky is one of signals of inflammation of the eyelids. When your eyes are infected by virus, your tarsal gland will be irritated and boost the pace of grease secretion. In that case, our eyelids and the corner of the eyes have more grease than that at ordinary times. What is more, the blood vessels of eyes start to expand and white blood cell get together to struggle with virus from outside. Some blood cells become gum at last. So you will feel your eyes very sticky. Sticky eyes can be contagious by hands or goods or water. When you have sticky eyes, you should buy physiological saline and small gauze at drugstore. What is more, you should use eyedrops, not to rub your eyes with your hand and clean your hand to keep it clean. Please remember not to share towel or something like that with your friends or relatives.
  • Ariana oliver


    If your sticky eyes belong to the pink eyes, they are contagious because of the maybe touch both in direct way and indirect way. You may touch with the guy with pink eyes with something in share. You’d better use the eye drops to release the symptom. And not eat the spicy food. And have a good rest for the eyes and not go out often which make let other have it. However, if your sticky eyes are just caused by the lots use of the eyes in front computer or coming into so much dust, the eyes are not contagious. You just have a good rest and drink a lot to moisture the eyes. Different situation is treated differently. You may go to see the doctor and ask which situation your eyes belong.
  • Jack percy


    As the reason of too much gum produce, when your eyes infected by bacteria and virus, it will come into the symptom of inflammation. In one way, it stimulates the tarsus and boosts the secretion of oil on your eyes. When the oil is increased in your eyelids and canthus, the eyes will be sticky. In another way, these white blood cells conflict with the bacterial, these remains of them will be mixed into the gums, then the gums will be more and light yellow colored. So, the increasing of gum will be a signal for the conjunctiva palpebrae which caused by conjunctivitis. You need to check and cure it in time.

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