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How to spot fake nike sunglasses?

What are good ways to tell if nike sunglasses are real or replica? Any idea?
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  • creatingme


    To avoid to get fake nike sung;asses, you'd better go their exclusive shop to buy nike sunglasses. Besides, when you choose the sunglasses, you need to tough and feel the texture the sunglasses. To evaluate if they are good quality and durability. In addition, you shall keep remember that fake nike sunglasses are always cheep. So, you shall avoid to buy cheap nike sunglasses. Good luck.
  • Guava


    Yes, indeed, there are always fake nike sunglasses around here in the marketplace. And people tend to be tricked by some dishonest sellers. However, there are something you can do to avoid buy those fake products. As a buyer, you should carefully examine the quality of the sunglasses, the frame, the lenses,even the color and design. Then ask for the certificate which could prove its authenticity.
  • Luthy


    First of all, you may check the brand print on the flame side. Except the China, America and Vietnam, the nike sunglasses with other original place will be fake. Then, you can check its manual workship. If it is new, it must be perfect at both the surface and the balancing character. You can use hands to touch and observe its symmetric character.
  • castro_jan


    To spot the fake Nike sunglasses, there are many ways you can have a try. For example, you can check the label. As we know that Nike sunglasses are made in Italy, so it should be written with the words "made in Italy ". If they are written with other countries, it must be fake ones. Also, you can check the warranty. Besides, the most effective way you can do is to take them to the official stores. And the professional person can distinguish them for you.