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Luis williams


If one has perfect vision, is it bad to use reading glasses?

My friend's vision is a perfect 20/20, but since a certain video game came out, he's been curious about wearing reading glasses. He showed me a pair at magnetism +2.50, and they look very stylish. Will they destroy his eyesight?
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  • 04/12/2012

    In my experince , one who don't wear prescription glasses use them will feel bluring and cause eye strain and headache . It won't destroy his eyesight in the short term but will give him serious headache . If he want to wear glasses eagerly , he should get non prescription glasses rather than magnified ones .
  • Noah james


    I just wondering what makes he wear reading glasses now that he has perfect vision. If you he really like to wear eyeglasses, you can suggest him wear non prescription glasses for a stylish look. Eyes are our important organ and will company us our whole life. So, as a friend, i think you help him in the right way. But a pair of non prescription for him.

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