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????? How can you tell if a pair of sunglasses is polarizing or not?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Get another pair of polarized sunglasses and you may figure it out with two pairs of glasses. Put your sunglasses in front of the other and hold up both them.Try looking through both lenses,then rotate your sunglass 90 degrees. If you sunglass is polarized,you will see through both darkened lenses while rotating.It will be completely dark when it’s at 90 degrees.Otherwise,it isn’t be polarized.
  • Julia


    Polarized sunglasses can filter the glare from the smooth surface of water or other objects such as a helmet or a road. So they can provide with clear vision. Polaried sunglasses will make your eyes feel more comfortable if you compare them with a pair of regular sunglasses.
  • david


    Polarized sunglasses can filter glare and at least 70% light for your eyes. They can provide your eyes with comfortable vision experiences. You can ask the salesman whether their sunglasses are polarized sunglasses or not. Or you find this information on the labels or description of the sunglasses. Hope this helped!
  • lampo


    I found this on YouTube. It is said that polarized sunglasses will provide you black vision if you observe TV with them in a special way. You can have a look on I think this information are quite useful and interesting as well. Hope this helped!