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Do you wear sunglasses for style, or to protect your eyes?

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  • 04/12/2012

    The most important factor is that it is used for protection,or the Ultraviolet ray will hurt your eyes. but I also like stylish ones anyway…
  • Logan


    Yes. Maybe you think me greedy. But sunglasses now are consider the fashion items that can make people look fashion. Besides wearing sunglasses can cover our facial defects and enhance look. Again, sunglasses are good items to shield eyes from strong sunshine and intensive UV rays. Now that we can get style and protection from sunglasses. Why not?
  • Gabriel peters


    Stylish sunglasses can protect your eyes too. If you spend more money on a pair of sunglasses, the optician can make a pair of good sunglasses for you. To me, I often choose sunglasses that can protect my eyes. Usually I will choose a pair of polarizes sunglasses because they can provide me with clearer images for they can filter the glare. But the style of the sunglasses is also very important.
  • walkingalone00


    I will choose the sunglasses that can protect my eyes, because I am really afraid to have some eye problems such as cataract or macular degeneration though they often happens when we get older. But it is said that sun damages to our eyes often happens before the age of 25. I am 18 years old. I have protected my eyes for at least 10 years. So I have to keep this good habit. Wearing a pair of sunglasses is really very important. Hope this helped!
  • Isabelle


    I have many sunglasses. Some of them are very expensive while some of them are not. I have to decorate myself with different sunglasses. So I will take style into consideration. But my mum often told me that I shouldn't waste my money in that way because she thought a pair of sunglasses that couldn't protect my eyes from the sun was useless. But I thought they were very beautiful and could go well with my dressing. Then I asked my mum to give me more money to buy a pair of stylish sunglasses with good quality. But my mum refused to do that because I had bought so many sunglasses and there were good sunglasses among them.

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