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Melanie gerard


How can I get good designer reading glasses?

I have got the opticians tomorrow because of constant headaches and eyes feeling heavy and achey. My mum and dad said that I might need reading glasses from now on. I was wondering if you can get designer reading glasses? I would like PRADA or Emporio Armani.
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  • 04/12/2012

    Yes, you can. You can find designer reading glasses in your local store as well as search on line. You may also go to their official site such as PRADA,Armani ,Gucci or other to find if they sell them . or call their center to ask .
  • crusanov


    Alright, it seems that you should get a pair of nice reading glasses in order to better enjoy your study and protect your eyes. So, as to reading glasses, you should care about its prescription more than its design. And as a matter of fact, there are indeed a lot of designer reading glasses but they are typically quite pricey. However, if you pay a visit to, you could see a lot of designer reading glasses, there are lots of options for you. including Prada.
  • Jade scott


    The Emporio Armani reading glasses could be excellent at both the quality and the design. You could go to the near real store to find one. You could also go to the online store to have a search because the price there could be suitable. The designer reading glasses will cost you a lot of money which needs to you prepare the enough money.