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How to make eyes look cuter?

I want to make my eyes look cuter but without damages on my eyes. Any suggestion?
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  • Christina keith


    As far as i am concerned, the eyes are the windows of the spirit, thus the most effective and essential way to make your eyes look cuter is opening your mind. You can smile with your eyes. The abundant expression will increase the cute to your eyes. Meanwhile, more confidence will enhance the attraction to your eyes as well. In addition, makeup is also a useful measure. Light colored eyes shadow and mascara will also brings cuter and fashion feature to your whole style, which sets your eyes off to cuter. Have a try, i promise you will be more sweet ever after.
  • Alexander david


    If you want to get cute eye look, you can take makeup way to acheive it. And to get the look, you won't miss the three necesscity: eyelinder, false eyelashes as well as mascara. First, you need use eyelinder to your eyelids. Try to make use it to make your eyes look rounnder. Then, curle your eyelashes and apply mascara to your eyelashes to make it look longer. IF you think your eyelashes look long engough, you finish your eye makeup. If not, you can use false eyelases to help you achieve good eye look. So, just go ahead. Good luck.
  • Dylan duncan


    If you want to make your eyes look cuter, you could wear the big frame eyeglasses which will at the same time make you look fashionable. You could choose the bright color which will look cute. This will not make damage on your eyes. If you just want to look cute with no vision problems, you could choose the eyeglasses with no prescription.

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