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How to keep contact lenses from drying out?

This is my first time to buy contact lenses. Can you tell me how to keep my contact lenses well? I don't want the lenses dry out.
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  • Nat


    First, many people just know the importance of the moister in keeping contact lenses well. But you really need to know that the circulation of oxygen can really not be ignored. The influence of oxygen will make your eyes feel much more comfortable and will do much help in keeping your lenses from drying out. Second, do not keep wearing your contact lenses too long, no more than 8 hours is best.
  • Pete


    First of all, you should remember to put it into the solution to soap it to keep it get moisture. Then you'd better not wear it for a long time which will easily get the contact lenses be dry. Last of all, you should always rub the contact lenses before you put it in the solution to keep the protein sediments out of the lenses.

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