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Can I wear brown sunglasses with black clothing?

I usually wear black clothing and accessories, now I have got a pair of brown sunglasses. Can I wear them with black clothing? Also someone told me that suglasses should match your hair color and not your clothing, is that true?
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  • cajunbel29


    Brown sunglasses will look good with anything. So you can wear brown sunglasses together with your black clothing because brown is a neutral color and anything can go well with it. However, the best way is to try them on to see whether they look good on you. If you don't like brown sunglasses, you can try sunglasses with other colors. As long as they look good on you, You can wea any color you like.
  • Aimee


    Yes, you can wear brown sunglasses with black clothes. Black, the classic color, is easy to match and got a good look. If you want to achieve good look, you shall make your hair, sunglasses, clothes, shoes and bags well matched. So, Only well matched all of those sunglasses, you can get a good look. So, you'd better wear clothes with the similar color with brown if you like to look good in brown sunglasses.
  • Mike


    Of course you can. A nice pair of sunglasses is quite important for our whole dressing. I think brown sunglasses look very fashionable and are also functional in usage. Wearing black clothing would make you look very serious and maybe even dull. However, with a pair of brown sunglass, the situation is totally different. It would help to make you mature and professional, as well as to show your own fashion taste.

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