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What does wearing contact lenses feel like?

I never wear contact lenses before since i have perfect vision. But right now, i want to buy colored contact lenses for look. Can you tell me what does wearing contact lenses feel like?
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  • Adriane


    The contact lenses are so light that will make you feel wearing nothing when wearing them in your eyes. However, you may a little different because of the psychobiological process. The colored contact lenses are regarded as the accessory now which may make your eyes look big, beautiful and attractive. You could have a try. But you should keep good habit of hygiene when using contact lenses.
  • christraper


    How to describe the feeling when I am wearing contacts? I just try to explain to you. The wonderful and high quality contacts just like a drop of water when you wear. It's soft and no foreign body sensation. You would even forget it's existing. But it may feel a little hard when you wear the first time. However, practice makes perfect, you will get used it soon. The most important thing which I want to remind you is please keep it clean and prevent the infection from your hands to eyes from it!
  • Michael McDonagh


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