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Brooke oliver


Are pink tinted sunglasses harmful to the eyes?

I am aware that sunglasses with blue and purple tints are supposedly harmful to eyes because they are energetically in the higher end of the visible light spectrum and some scientific reports say that they do not prevent, and might even cause cataracts in the eye. Does powder pink count as lower valued shade of purple or is it a variation of red (way down there near the infrared end of the spectrum)?
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  • David eddy


    Pink would be between red and orange in the light spectrum. Since the glasses are pink that means they absorb every color except pink rather than absorb the pink light it is reflected. I think dark sunglasses are the best choice for protection because they absorb all light. However, though blues, pinks, ect.are just cosmetic tints, the most important thing is the UV protection they give, which has nothing to do with the color.