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Andrea warren


Is using my phone in the dark bad for my eyes?

I like to red novels on my phone, especially in dark night. Does that hurt my eyes? What should i do to avoid it?
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  • elizabeth_starz


    Reading the electric products in the dark light is so bad for your eyes which may hurt your eyes so much. Because the screen is so near, the light resource will come into your eyes directly. If you look at it for a long time, your eyes may get tired easily. And you may get short sighted.
  • cthier


    No doubt, reading novels or news on phone is bad for your eyes, the small screen will inflect the light resource directly into your eyes so that it may stimulate your eyes nerves which may cause the tiredness of your eyes or shortsightedness, especially when using phone for a long period of time without resting in dark night. which not only can cause the eye problems but also is bad for the body health, such as dizziness or headache.

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