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What does o.d. and o.s. mean on my eye prescription?

I find there are characters like O.D and O.S on my prescription. What do they stand for?
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  • Jenya


    O.D and O.S are usually appear on eye prescription. In details, O.D is use for describing oculus dexter and indicates the Right eye. And OS stands for oculus sinister and indicates the Left eye. Besides, you may also saw D.V, N.V, PD and so forth characters on your prescription. And D.V=distance vision while N.V=near vision. And PD stands for Pupillary Distance which is key important for people buying prescription eyeglasses.
  • walkaboutpnw


    OD stands for oculus dexter and indicates the right eye; OS means oculus sinister that is the left eye. You have eye vision problem if you don't have the same figure of both eyes. For example, if there is a plus before the OD, you are farsighted thus you need reading glasses. The measurements are in diopters. If your vision in the distance is fuzzy, then both figures are minus.
  • Mya


    Ancient Rome once had the prosperity in the development of medicine and laws. That is no doubt that there are many medical terms and abbreviations are used in Latin. In the aspect of ophthalmology, the o.d. and o.s. are the two abbreviations of right and left eyes. When you are in the eyes exams, you may encounter these two words to describe your eye prescription.
  • Luthy


    *OD stands for Oculus Dexter - Latin for "right eye" *OS stands for Oculum Sinister - Latin for 'left eye" Did your optometrist also take a PD measurement? That is the measurement between your pupils. This ensures that the prescription is set in correct spot in your glasses. Also, if you want bifocals, you will need to have that height measured in the particular frame you choose.