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Jade rose


How many times should i get an eye exam per year?

So i just got an eye exam for contacts a week ago. But when should i get another eye exam incase my presrciption got a little worse? Do you think i should get an eye exam per year or what? What do you do?
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  • 04/12/2012

    If you have nothing serious problem or disease with your eyes, once a year should be enough for you. As long as your prescription changes and you can't see more clearly, you can go to the optician to have an eye exam.
  • Nicholas carter


    For people with vision problems, they are suggested to take eye exam every half a year. That is to say, you'd better have two times eye exam every year. Of course, if you feel eye uncomfortable and vision become more serious, you can also take eye exam. This is depends, and nobody will force how many times you shall get an eye exam per year.