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Can Hayfever cause puffy eyes symptomes?

I have hayfever. Does that cause my puffy eyes? Why? Any idea to reduce that puffy eyes?
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  • Alexander


    Yes, it can cause that. Because of hay fever is an allergic reaction, in other words, your immune system's response to the foreign material in air. And puffy eyes mean there is excess fluid in the soft tissues around your eyes. It could be caused by pollen that is hay fever. Hence, allergic reaction could cause puffy eyes as well.
  • Trinity hill


    Yes. Once you get the hayfever, the skin is so weak that can be intruded by the dust or other things. And the eye surrounding parts are so sensitive which are indirectly influenced. That is the reason why the puffy eyes get. If you want to get them released, you'd better use the allergy paste on the skin, not on the surrounding eyes. Keep in mind that not eating the spicy food and have a good rest. Thus your symptom will be released.
  • Jenya


    Yes of course, hay fever can cause puffy eyes. Hay fever is known as an allergic reaction to pollen, dander or dust, and it will cause some unpleasant symptoms which primarily affect the nose and eyes. Hay fever is also known as allergic rhinitis, which will cause the expand of the blood vessel in the nose, making nasal membranes swollen and nasal passages congested, and this will inhibit drainage of fluid beneath the eyes and then makes puffy eyes. You can have a cold compress in the area beneath the eyes for a few minutes to reduce this symptom.
  • coulisse_16


    Yes, hay fever can cause puffy eyes symptoms. As we know that Puffy eyes are caused by a large number of things, from an improper diet to a lack of sleep to allergies. For the hay fever sufferer, puffy eyes are a common occurrence, but they should not be taken lightly. First, you should see a doctor or get an over-the-counter allergy medication to reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Second, you’d better wash your hand with cold water. Third, just place one slice of cucumber on each eye, and leave the slices there while your eyes are closed for 15 to 30 minutes. This cold compress will reduce the puffiness in your eyes.