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David garcia


How to make my eyes look normal after smoking weed?

My eyes are not as beautiful as it were before because i smoke a lot in recent days. Can you tell me some good ways that can make my your eyes look normal after smoking weed?
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  • chrisss_129


    You could look as beautiful at the eyes as before if you do the following things. First of all, you should stop smoking weed which will be bad for the eyes. Then you could drink some tea which has the effect of stimulating the blood circulation and has good effect on the eye vision. Thirdly, you could keep notice of the diet, eating more vegetables. After some time, you will find that your eyes become clean as before.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    I will tell you the reason of your bad eyes after smoking weed. When you smoke weed a chemical enters your blood stream that causes the capillaries in your body to open up and let more blood flow through them, and because the blood vessels in your eyes are mainly capillaries they will expand and make your eyes redder than normal. Methods total is more than the problem. There are some ways to make your eyes look normal. Firstly, make-up, Visine is a good brand of eye drop if you're worried about red eyes. Secondly, another way to treat red eyes is usually some sort of ophthalmic sympathomimetic agent. Thirdly, the best way is to cut out smoking weed. I wish they can help you to make your eyes look normal after smoking weed.
  • Karin


    I guess that your eyes may get much muddy than before, which is the common situation will happen to those who smoke. The reason is that the nicotine will harm your lung and liver, then lead bad affects for your detoxifying, finally your eyes shows the muddy. If you can't get rid of smoking, then you may eat more fruit which can help you to detoxify, and relax more. By the way, Vitamin will always be helpful, so do not forget about take some supplements.

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