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Can glasses correct night blindness?

I have night blindness. Can wearing glasses help me? What type of glasses can help me?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Well, in common, there are no glasses which can be used to treat night blindness. And for patient with night blindness, it will be difficult to see in the low light, because our eyes got a very sophisticated system, so that it can function from very dark to very bright light. And even now, there is no certain evidence which can show that glasses can treat night blindness. On the other hand, some home remedies can be used to treat it. For example, you can soak the leaves of wood apple in water overnight and wash your eyes with that water in the morning. Of course, you can go and see eye doctor.
  • charger101


    Yes, wearing eyeglasses could help you with your night blindness. If you have problems in night blindness, you could eat more food with vitamin A which could be so helpful. You could take this into consideration. Now there is the new type of eyeglasses especially for people with night blindness. You could go to the eyeglasses store to have a look.
  • Tyler charles


    It is necessary for you to have a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist first of all. Night blindness can be caused by myopia, cataracts. If it is caused by myopia, you can fix a prescription to help you see more clearly in poor light. In the case of cataracts, you then need to receive a surgical treatment, after which you will see clearly in dim light. If it is just due to lack of vitamin A, the night blindness can be treated with vitamins, nutritional therapy and medications. You can eat more foods which are rich of vitamin A such as egg, animal liver, carrots, tomatoes, spinaches and so on. Do not strain yourself and eat pungent and hot food. You should also give up drinking and smoking if you did.