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Where to get black glasses like tinie tempah wears?

Can you tell me Where to get black glasses like tinie tempah wears? Are they expensive?
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  • Michael?griffin


    It is the ray ban black glasses that tinie tempah wears. The style is little like geek chic. They are expensive. If you want to buy one, you could go to the amazon to have a look. About the realness, you could check from the trademark and other labels. The price online is suitable.
  • cherrytop7


    The black glasses tinie tempah wearing is Ray Ban Black-framed glasses. The style of Ray Ban Black-framed glasses leading a new fashion, geek chic is back. The price of it is about $107. Actually, you can buy it from its entity store. I recommend you to buy it from online shops, because of its cheaper price and convenience. Here is the link:
  • evelyn


    Well, it seems that you like tinie tempah quite a lot right ? Yes he is really amazing and attractive, and the type of glasses he would like to wear is large black glasses, not different from what we used to wear. So, as you can see, these black glasses could be found in nearly all optical stores and each pair of them would not bleed you, just prepare 100 dollars and you can handle it.