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Noah james


Does rose water work for dry eyes?

Can rose water help people with dry eyes? Does it really work?
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  • kirti kirti


    Yes, it is like miracle! I had severe dry eye problem, so severe that it resulted in corneal erosion. And it used to be so bad that when I wake up in the morning, the dry upper lid used to peal off the surface of cornea and result in erosion. And I was using ointment in the eye at night and eye drops (artificial tears) every two hours during day. Despite this, it became so bad, that every morning, I had sharp piercing pain of erosion and blurred vision. Then, I was advised to use Rose water by a friend. I bought Rose water of Divya pharmacy. Before I slept, I put rose water on clean cotton and put it on my eyes. It was cool and soothing. It is like miracle, I never had another erosion and could stop using eye drops within one week. All those redness, inflammation and irritation in the eyes is gone. Only take care that, the cotton you use once, throw it. Each time, use fresh cotton.
  • Robert ja


    Rose has lots of utilities. It can be used in lots of aspect, it can reduce inflammation, and it can promote our circulation system, smooth our skin, etc. Using rose water as remedy can work effectively. You can use rose as tea, then keep drinking the rose tea, you're unlikely to get dry eyes. Or you can clean your eyes with rose water as you said. Massaging your eyes with rose essential oil may be the best method to cure your dry eyes. You can also drop rose essential oil into humidifier, then stay at the moist environment.


    As a matter of fact, rose water can really help people with dry eyes to some extents. First, you are supposed to know that the dryness of the eyes can be caused by the much use of eyes or deficiencying in vitamins, especial for vitamin A. The rose water contains vitamin A, which is a group of antioxidant compounds with a long list of benefits for vision, bone development and the growth and repair of body tissue, can effectively relief the symptom. In addition, the rose water has the moisture usage, get your hands thoroughly washed and try to put your fingers around your eye, gently massage them with rose water can also be helped. Shortly after you will see changes.
  • gerard


    For centuries, rose water is popular with young lady. We can easily selected the benefits of using rose water. First, rose water can help in reducing the redness from irritated or over-heated skin. Second, rose water can help with reduces redness and blotchiness after steaming tightens capillaries. Thired, The best and easiest way to use it is to apply it at night, which does good to clear all impurities that your face has collected through the day. Dry eyes will also be healed by rose water. That is, you can wash face and eyes with rose water because it can moist the surface of eyelids and eyes.

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