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Why do my eyes hurt when i rub them?

My eyes feel hurt when i rub it. Why? I just rub the eyes very gentle, but i still feel pain. Why?
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  • Catherine


    Yeah, if you met this problem, you should notice that there are some problems with your eyes. As usual, there are two reasons why you feel your eyes are painful when rubbing them. On one hand, maybe your eyes are tired because you stare at computer screen or television for long time, if so, do not worry about it, you just need to let your eyes have rest, meanwhile, you should relax your eyes every half an hour when your eyes are working. On the other hand, maybe some eye problems have strained your eyes, for example, if your eyes are energetic, or you have the red eyes, also when you are rubbing the eyes, you will also feel painful. All in all, when you find the pain is really serious, you should go to hospital for help.
  • Caroline hill


    Your eyes probably get infected, or you just simply get tired. Anyway, stop rubbing your eyes. Then check out whether there is anything in your eyes, and you can do this on your own with a mirror, or you can ask others for help. Let the foreign matters out of your eyes if there is, then you will be fine. If there's nothing in your eyes, you probably get infected, so you need to use eye drops to cure the hurt radically. Keeping your eyes clean is always needed.
  • Anna


    Well, you may rub your eye so hard. It also may be due to some eye problems. For example, you may suffer pink eye, dry eye, allergies in eyes. All these eye disorders can lead to pain, even you touch your eye slightly. According to your condition, you'd better see a doctor and determine the real reason.

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