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John Hendry


What does it feel like when you have pink eye?

I heard that it is very painful to get pink eyes. Is there anyone who got pink eyes can tell me what it feels like when you suffer pink eyes?
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  • jimjames


    I have suffered from pink eyes. It is really terrible. During that time, i feel vision blur, and keep tearing. Besides, i also feel eye pain and itches that even makes me crazy. Partially at night, i also feel sensitive to light. But if i turn off the light, i have to stay in dark. It is really troublesome experiences. So, take care of your eyes to avoid pink eyes.
  • Cameron giles


    Conjunctivitis has another well-known name that is pink eye, which is an inflammation of the eyes. It would be shown with morning crust and drainage. One of the most common symptoms is discomfort in the eye. And you should check whether it remains redness in your eyelid and surface of your eyes. If so, you may get a pink eye.