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Does an eye infection cause a headache?

I just wake up with headaches. I often wearing contact lenses. I wonder if i get an eye infection and that caused headaches? But my eyes seems normal and not appear red. I just feel a pressure headache over my forehead.
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  • neva taylor


    If you also have problems seeing and eye strain badly, the eye infection could cause a headache. But according to your description, you are not get eye infection. That is to say, your headache are not due to eye infection. Maybe you just not get a good rest. You can drink a cup of coffee to refresh yourself. If you still feel headaches, you'd better visit an eye doctor.


    Yes, it could cause that. Eye infection means infection of the eye or the tissue surround the eye is caused by bacteria or virus. The eyes with infection would cause redness, irritation, tearing and itchiness. At the same time, it also causes headache if you have vision problem and have fatigue of eyes. But there is no obvious symbol about the headache.