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Where can I get Non-prescription designer glasses?

Do all designer glasses for example DG,Burberry,Gucci and Versace can be made with lenses in but with no prescription on the lenses?
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  • Jordyn Campbell


    Actually all glasses are without prescription initially. The original plastic lenses on the glasses displayed at the optical store can't be used for wearing. Even if you need plano glasses the processor will install plano lenses in the frame to replace the initial plastic lenses. For this reason, you can get non prescription glasses at every store which sells designer glasses.
  • Arianna griffin


    If you only need non prescription glasses for decoration , .There are many places for you to get them.If you want to buy them from boutique , go to Sunglasses Hut or Lenscrafters . There are a wide selection for you to choose .If you want to buy them online ,you can visit their website to find your favourite one . There are also many online store or auction that sell designer glasses. But remember to choose a reliable one . There is a way to find a trusted online store . Find their page on Facebook or Twitter and see the number of their fans and the customer's review . It will give you much information about the store .
  • Guest


    Yes, they can be made with lenses in without prescription.