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Jack Lindberg


What's the best sunglasses lens tint color for your eyes?

I am going to get a pair of sunglasses but heard that black lenses can dilate your eyes and actually hurt your eyes more than not wearing glasses at all. which is the safest color for your sunglasses
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    The best color for sunglasses should be dark brown ,gray and green . And the dark brown is the widest acknowledged color for sunglasses as it can absorb almost 100% UV rays and the soft tune gives you comfortable vision . You should avoid choosing blue lens as it can allow the blue rays which are harmful to our eyes coming in.
  • Saarah


    Brown, gray, green are all good for sunglasses. Yellow is okay .
  • misty C.


    I think brown is a good choice for sunglasses because allows more light to get into your eye while blocking blue light.This color will offer your the best contrast.