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Can I buy sunglass lenses and take them to an optician turn them into my prescription?

Some day when I was at GoodWill, I find some cool Randolph Engineering sunglasses which have bifocal lenses in them. They normally cost 200 bucks, so I got them ($2). When I looked up replacement lenses on RE's website I find it will cost 30 dollars. However, this site says their lenses can be prescribled easily. So I take them to an optician and ask whether they can do this for me, but he didn't give me any kind of coherent answer. So I am wondering can I buy glass lenses online and make it prescribled by tthe optician?
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  • walkdawalk23


    Of course you can. First you must know your right size before you order them online. Either you can get your size from your current pair of glasses or from your eye doctor. After you order your glasses online, you can find an optician to help you The next step involves finding an optician willing to work with you. Some are quite happy to prepare the lenses and install them in your glasses, while others will make up all sorts of objections. Remember that there are many places to take your business. Don't allow an optician to bully you--just go somewhere else if you have to One more thing: before you buy from the Internet store, take all of the information you have found from that company and go to an optician and ask them if they can order the same glasses and make lenses for them. Sometimes they will end up meeting the same price.
  • electriikheartx


    Each lens is designed for specific requirement, so they can not take your lenses out put your prescription into it. However, they can make new lenses for your frames. Just go to an optician and ask if they can make new lenses for your own frames.