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What is the best looking eyeglasses for women?

I plan to buy a pair of new eyeglasses. Any recommendation? What type of sunglasses are the best to compliment a women?
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  • rommel abad


    For women's eyeglasses. I think that to choose the right eyeglasses frames is the most important. You image will be complimented and your spirit will be refreshed by a carefully selected eyeglasses frames. So you will first of all get to know which eyeglasses frames suit your face shape. As to sunglasses, it is more crucial to pick up nice-looking and attractive sunglasses frames. Now women's sunglasses are uncountable and it will take you some time to pick up the right one. Aviator women's sunglasses, Wayfarer women's sunglasses, Cat eye women's sunglasses and over-sized women's sunglasses are all not bad choices for you. And now it is your time to take one pair to compliment your personal image.
  • Victor


    There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the most appealing glasses for your face. Style, shape, size, color, and material are just a few. The easiest way to narrow down the glasses features that will complement your face the most is by face shape.
    Heart-shaped faces typically resemble the heart shape in that the widest part of the face is at the top and the narrowest part at the bottom. People with heart-shaped faces have jawlines that taper to a defined chin.
    When choosing glasses for heart-shaped faces, the goal should be to minimize the width of the top of the face and to broaden the chin. Heart faces should avoid frames that could exaggerate the width of the forehead or the narrowness of the chin.
    Round faces are just what they sound like: Circular, full, and without strong lines and angles.
    When choosing glasses for round faces, the goal should be to add contrast to the face's natural curves and to avoid frames that could exaggerate the roundness of the face. By adding contrast, you can make a round face appear thinner and longer.

    A good rule of thumb for people with round faces is to choose glasses that are wider than they are tall, as wider frames give the illusion of a slimmer face. Also, round faces should not be afraid to try glasses adorned with prints, bright colors, strong brow detailing, and other embellishments, which all add contrast and definition to the face. Finally, glasses with a clear bridge can make your eyes appear wider while adjustable nosepads can prevent frames from resting on fuller cheeks.
    Square faces typically have strong jawlines and facial features defined by distinct angles.
    When choosing glasses for square-shaped faces, the goal should be to lengthen and soften the face's natural angularity and to avoid frames that could exaggerate the sharpness of facial features. By adding curving lines, you can make a square face appear thinner and softer.

    Rounded and upswept frames will add curves to the face while drawing attention away from the squareness of the jaw. A good rule of thumb for people with square faces is to choose glasses that are wider than they are deep (i.e. tall), as wider frames give the illusion of a slimmer face. Another trick square faces can try is to select glasses in neutral colors (cream, beige, etc.), which help soften the angles the face. Finally, oversized frames, like Jackie-O exaggerated rounds, help to distract from the harshness of a square jawline.
    Oval faces are thought to have the most balanced proportions and, thus, the ideal shape. People with oval faces should consider themselves lucky, as they will look good in almost any pair of glasses.
    When choosing glasses for oval faces, the goal should be to maintain the face's natural balance. Oval faces should avoid frames that could throw off their ideal facial proportions.

    Frames that are as wide or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face will help maintain oval's natural balance. Glasses with detailed embellishments also look great with the high cheek bones typically found on oval faces.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    It depends on your face shape, skin color, clothes style and your personality. If you want look sexy, you can try cat eye style sunglasses which are commonly accepted as sexy accessories. If you want to look cooler, you can try aviator sunglasses. If those sunglasses not compliment you, you can try some oversized square sunglasses or oversized butterfly sunglasses. Hope this can help you.
  • Michelle


    My recommendation for your question depends on your look and your lifestyle. . First - What size frame do you wear? Look inside the frame, on the temple, and you'll see three numbers, such as 40-16-120. This is the frame's measurements in millimeters for lens diameter, bridge, and temple, respectively. Use these numbers as a guideline of your ideal frame size. Then- Face shape 1.You have a round face but with soft curves.The best choice is square, angular frames (aviator or square).Try a clear bridge to widen your eyes; do not wear round frames. 2.Your face is a proportional oval, with curves,then any frame shape (aviator, oval, or square) is suitable. 3.Your have square face with angular lines. Considering to soften and lengthen your angular, short face, the Circular, curved frames (aviator, oval) are the best choice. 4.Your face has a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and narrow chin, with angular lines.Try frames are circular or Cat-Eye (aviator, oval, some square) which aim to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones and draw the eye up to the top of your face.
  • walker_


    Sunglasses are used to protect your eyes, so don't choose sunglasses made of cosmetic because it can not shade the UV. There are different shapes and sizes of sunglasses for women. best sunglasses are those which fit you best. You should try them on and make sure them are comfortable. Different colored sunglasses may give you different look. Choose a color which fit your hair color and skin color is important. Recommend you this website:

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