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Savannah taylor


What does eye look like after cataract surgery?

What does eye look like after cataract surgery? Is it the same as the eyes i have before the surgery?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Well, as a matter of fact, cataract surgery could help you prevent you from being blind, or some other serious consequences. So, after taking cataract surgery, you will temporary appear to have swelling eyes, some blurred vision and maybe painful feelings, as well as some lumps or something. Generally speaking, your eyes will be fine. Don't worry if it will be terrible. Anyway, cataract surgery is quite necessary for you.
  • elmos_world_05


    After the cataract surgery, your eyes may get the little red because of the medical stimulation. Or your eyes may get swelling. However, they will get released after a week. Your eye vision will not be clear at first. You'd better have a good rest for the eyes. You should keep the good habit of diet, getting away from the spicy food.
  • hands_down360


    Don't be worried. After cataract surgery, they are the same as the eyes you have before the surgery. Owing to the advande technology, the cut of cataract is tiny that nearly cannot be seen. Because of the function of narcotic, you may feel constriction and discomfort, but you can not rub eyes with hands.

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