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Can i wear gold sunglasses with silver jewellery?

I have a pair of gold sunglasses. Can I wear it with my silver jewellry? Will that look tacky?
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  • Noah james


    Yes, of course, you can wear like that if the gold sunglasses look good on you. In fact, i have saw my friend wear like that. It is looks great. Of course, not all people can get good look from that dressing. Anyway, just form your appreciation of beauty and be yourself. You are the unique individual. Be confident, and try on to test it out yourself.
  • Jessica


    I think it is ok to wear gold sunglasses with silver jewellery as long as they look good on you. Make sure your gold sunglasses can flatter your skin tone and the silver jewellery can match your outfit. You can try all of them on and see whether they look strange. Some people wear them together with no problems. But some people may look ugly with them. It just depends how they look on you.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    I think it's ok, they are all metal colours, should be fine to put together, but if gold sunglasses with precious stone or diamond is also perfect. Please look over dressing style and this is also important effect on the accessories matching.

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