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Where Can I Find the Best Lasik Eye Surgeon in New York?

I am planning to get Lasik surgery next month and I know a good surgeon is very important. Where Can I Find the Best Lasik Eye Surgeon in New York?
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  • carolmck


    If have no idea how to find a best LASIK surgeon. You can try to find a list of board certified doctors and doctors with the appropriate qualifications in your area. Or just went to some eye care historical and look for a list of Lasik Eye Surgeon. And the find information about him/her include their Qualification, Specialty, Experiences, and Award and more that will help you judge a good Lasik Eye Surgeon.
  • Jordan owen


    You can ask your eye doctor to recommend you some good surgeons and then you can visit them one by one to get more information about them. Check with their experience, certificate and skills. A good surgeon should be experienced enought to have many lasik surgeried. And I will remind you that a good surgeon should let you know all the risks and complications of the surgery. Good luck!

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