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Bernadette Korey


Who do you think is the hottest celeb wearing glasses?

So many celebrities like to wear glasses for fashion in public. Who do you think is the hottest celeb wearing glasses? What style of glasses does he/she usually wear?
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  • Shirley


    Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway are the hottest celeb wearing glasses. And personally, they are look great with a pair of horn rimmed eyeglasses frames. The horn rimmed eyeglasses frames that Johnny Depp wearing a little similar to wayfarer style. It is really look handsome. And the best looks eyeglasses that Anne Hathaway is a pair of square shaped eyeglasses. So, different people need wear different eyeglasses for a stylish look.
  • Kaylee


    Liv Tyler and Brigitte Bardot are the hottest celebrities who wear cat eye glasses. cat eye glasses are one of the most fashionable glasses these days due to the unique design. Women with cat eye glasses tend to be sexy and attractive because the cute shape of frames shows a little bit sexy glamorous. If you prefer the cat eye style glasses, you can go to the store to try them on and see whether they make you look sexy.