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How do you think these red star sunglasses?

I just found these red star shaped sunglasses in a boutique and they are so novel. I decide to give them a try. How do you think these red star sunglasses? Would you wear them?
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  • hand_to_mouth


    I would never wear red star sunglasses because they look strange to me. Red star sunglasses are quite different from the conventional sunglasses, so they are eye-catching sunglasses. However, I don't want to draw people's attention to my eyes, which will make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. But that depends on yourself. If you like to be outstanding among people, you can choose red star sunglasses to wear. Make sure they are suitable for you.
  • Anthony cecil


    Yes, it is really unique. Wearing a pair of red star sunglasses must help you attract others' attention. Besides, red star sunglasses can also focus on blocking out light. And the sunglasses are suitable for wearing in medium-light or bright days and allow a low percentage of visible light transmission. So, if you appreciate the sunglasses, Just try on and be yourself.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Oh, I like that kind of sunglasses, too. This year, I saw a lot of red star shaped sunglasses on the magazines and many stars wearing that as well. They are just like a symbol of the trend. They are the necessary items for trendsetters. Besides, red star shaped sunglasses are cute and peculiar. If you do not want to have a pair of sunglasses which is similar to most of persons', red star sunglasses will a wonderful choice for you. But there is a problem that not all the types of the faces can fit this kind of sunglasses. You can try it on you in hypostatic stores. Generally speaking, it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses according to the type of your face. For example, if your face is a little big, you may choose a big-framed sunglasses. Just have a try, and you may get another perfect thing that is suitable for you.

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