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Can i breastfeed with pink eye ?

I got pink eyes. Can i breastfeed my child? Or it will cause pink eyes to him if i feed him?
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  • Jeff N


    Yes, when you have got pink eyes during the lactation period, it is better for you to stop the breastfeeding your child in case of getting him infected with pink eyes too. You should take active measures to treat your eyes in time, thoroughly. If the secreta in your eyes is too much, you can choose appropriate lotion such as physiological saline or 2% boric acid to wash your conjunctivitis sac, two or three times a day. Besides, you can as well spread some antibiotic oculentum everyday before you go to bed at night such as cCiprofloxacin or tetracycline oculentum. Remember that you should wipe clean the secreta in your eyes before you spread the oculentum so that you can improve the curative effect. When the symptoms of pink eyes get disappeared, you should not stop the treatment right away, instead, you had better continuing the treatment for at least another week in case the conditions relapse. Do not suspend the treatment. And pay attention to have good rest and eat more vegetables and fruits, and most importantly, keep in a good mood, and do some relaxing exercises such as taking a walk.
  • Melanie smith


    The pink eyes are contagious which will be infected to other people. I give you a personal suggestion. You should better not do the breastfeed to your child for these short days before you get the recovery. Or else, your child may get high possibility to have been infected. You need to be alone these days to treat your pink eyes.