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Nicholas carter


Can i have pink eye if my eye is not red?

Is red in the eyes are the sign of pink eyes? Is it possible to get pink eyes but the eyes not red?
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  • Jordyn adams


    Yes, redness of the eyes is the sign of pink eyes. However there is still the possibility for you to have pink eyes with no redness. That will be happened in the early stage of the pink eyes. You should treat the pink eyes as soon as possible. You could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. The eye drops with anti-inflammation should be better.
  • Makayla raphael


    Yes, it may be. There is no doubt that the primary symptom of pink eye is a pink appearance and the different types of conjunctivitis(pink eyes) have seperated symptoms. If it is a viral conjunctivitis or allergic conjunctivitis, you will suffer watery, itchy eyes and become sensitive to light. A sticky, yellow or greenish-yellow discharge in the corner of the eye may always be associated with bacterial conjunctivitis. Well, above all are the main symptomes of three types of pink eyes. If you do not have red eyes, you need to consider your discomfort eyes of some more serious eye diseases as our eyes are an important indicator of our body. By the way, our innate and adaptive immune functions decline with aging or a bad cold. On safe side, it is wise to see a doctor.
  • Jackson rose


    Well, of course, your eyes will be red, when you suffer pink eye. It is impossible to have pink eyes when your eyes are not red. According to some experts, pink eye is a kind of inflammation and it is most commonly due to an infection or an allergic reaction.when it occurs, itchy eyes in one eyes or both eyes can be possible. Also, redness can happen too. By the way, a discharge in one or both eyes that forms a crust during the night that may prevent your eye or eyes from opening in the morning. Also, watery eyes can annoy you too.