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Which is the best high index lens for me?

Here is my prescription:R:-8.00,-1.50;L;-8..50,-.75. I used to use 1.67 hi index lens but the lenses still bulge from the back and even from the front a bit. So which is the best high index lens for me? How about the brand?
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  • Dylan


    Your prescription is so high that your lenses will have a noticeable bulge in the back even with high index lenses. It is just the nature. You can try aspheric lenses which are flat in the front with the curve on the back. As you have high prescription, you'd better try high index lenses with 1.74 index material, which will look a little thinner. The higher your prescription is, the thinner your lens will be. I don't think it is necessary to get them with a brand name. Just get them which are comfortable to wear.
  • Marissa george


    You can still use 1.67 hi index lenses for your prescription lenses. Of course, if you willing to pay for big bucks for making your prescription eyeglasses lenses look thinner, you can do it with 1.74 index lenses. Anyway, for the same prescription lenses, the higher the index materials, the thinner the lenses. Besides, to get good looks, you shall choose small full eyeglasses frames for your eyeglasses.