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How much are good varifocal lenses

I need some new varifocal glasses. How much is a good pair going to cost me and which make should I choose. anyone can recommend to me?
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  • Erin jackson


    Just go for zeiss superb lenses, there is a thread on the money saving expert from people who swear by these lenses. I only got mine a couple of months ago but they are much better than my old ones.i can see clearly when I reading now.
  • Gabriella


    My only suggestion would be to don't buy the cheap varifocals that in the supermarket. I went to asda once and paid &99 for a pair of varifocals, which i thought was the bargain of the year. Ended up I don't have see anything through the reading part and they are awful. In finally.i get my refund.
  • Bobber


    Depends if you are buying them online or at the opticians. If it's the Opticians then you won't get a great lens for under $200.If you are buying them online from this website (online glasses direct) then I note that they sold by firmoo which a great lens and a fantastic online price under($100) it is a superb lens and fashion frame.