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What kinds of vision testing will be done during my eye exam?

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  • enternalhate


    When it comes to vision testing, no two eyes are alike, because no two people are alike. In fact, its those difference determine what types of vision testing or vision testing equipment will be used to a given examination. As I know there are 11 types of vision testing. They are visual acuity testing, visual field testing,cover testing,color-blind testing,refraction testing,slit lamp testing,tonometry (Glaucoma) Testing,The "Puffer" Test,the touch Test,dilation testing,vision testing. Hope this helpful.
  • electriikheartx


    Vision testing is a more comprehensive set of eye tests than simple vision screenings and is performed by an eyecare professional in a controlled office setting with vision testing equipment that goes far beyond what's available at a typical vision screening. There are a lot of types of vision testing for you to get your eyes examined. If you want to know the exact vision testing you need to have, you should consult your eye doctor.