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Samuel hill


How to wash hair after lasik surgery?

How can I aviod the shampoo getting into my eyes when washing hair?
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  • christraper


    You can turn your back to the shower and wash your hair so that the shampoo can run down your back, rather than across your face. Or you can go to a barbershop and they will wash your hair without leaving shampoo water in your eyes.
  • Judy


    When you are putting shampoo in your hair, you should place the shower head away from you. Then find a best position to tilt your head back so that the shampoo or water can't get into your eyes. Close your eyes and begin to wash your hair. Filally, when you start to wash the shampoo out of your hair, you should tilt your head back again with your eyes closed. Then you can avoid the shampoo getting into your eyes when washing hair.